RAM Assignment

Assigning more RAM to Technic


Many problems can be caused by insufficient RAM assigned to minecraft. These include frequent FPS drops, the game randomly crashing e.t.c

To assign more RAM to the HorizonFlans technic pack, open the Technic Launcher and cick Launcher Options in the top right hand corner of the page.
Then click on Java Settings. You will be presented with these fields:
  • Minecraft Java Version
  • Memory
  • Java Args
In order to increase the RAM allocated to the pack, you must have 64-Bit java installed.
Change the value next to Memory to be at the least, 2GB.

If you cannot assign more than 1GB, you have 32 bit Java selected. Press the drop down "Minecraft Java Version" and select for Java 7 or 8, 64 bit.
If only 32 bit versions show, you must download a 64 bit version. Install link

We encourage assigning more than this, as it keeps the game running smoothly. - Do not assign more than 75% of your system's memory - This could cause issues.
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