Privacy Policy

Last updated 27.01.2019

User identifiable information

We highly value individual anonymity on any of our services, and generally on the internet.
Sending any form of information which may be used to identify another person is strongly prohibited on any HorizonFlans service.
If you proceed to do this, you will be removed from accessing our services in the future.
Some forms of indentifiable information must be kept for payment for donations, IP address for IP banning and alt detection e.t.c
See Data collection for more details on how this is handled.

Data request/Data deletion

You are entitled to enquire about any information collected about you, and to request the deletion of said data from our systems.
Any enquiries of this type must go to GoldSloth#0472 on Discord or to

Data collection and processing

Any data sent to our servers may be collected. This includes the website, and to some extent buycraft and paypal transactions.
All information relating to our users is stored, transferred and processed securely using trusted platforms, such as Discord.
Any potentially sensitive information information, such as IPs will never be shared to any other party than HorizonFlans staff.
Our staff may only access and use the information if it is for a justifiable purpose directly related to their role, for the good of the server.

Other services

HorizonFlans will always enforce Discord TOS and usage guidelines.
Discord TOS: Click here
Discord guidelines: Here also
We will not accept any violations of TOS related to our community. Any violations will be reported to the relevant parties.

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