Horizon Flans

Horizon Flans is a server based around Flansmod Plus, Factions, Immersive Engineering, Thermal Expansion and Ecomod.
We combine war and industry into a single, elegant pack. The aim is to become the most powerful faction in the game, and players are free to choose how they go about this.

Our pack has hundreds of planes, ships, cars, tanks and guns from present and previous times.

Latest News.

Assigning more RAM to technic

Many problems can be caused by insufficient RAM assigned to minecraft. These include frequent FPS drops, the game randomly crashing e.t.c
This is often caused by minecraft not being assigned sufficient RAM to load the content for the modpack.
How to fix: RAM Guide

New website!


We have a new website! - Designed by Ambrodu#3461
We will update this site often, but our Discord Server is the most up to date and reliable.
Head on over there by clicking the Discord icon at the top of the site! See you there!