Welcome to HorizonFlans! This server is based on the Factions plugin, Flansmod guns/vehicles and Immersive Engineering machines.
In this short guide, we'll give some basic tips and advice to get you started.


Factions are groups of players which can be compared to Clans. A faction will often have a shared base, supplies and diplomatic relations to other factions
When you start playing, you can either ask to join someone else's faction, or create your own.
To join a faction, the leader or an officer needs to invite you. You should get a message in chat, after you have been invited, you should do:
/f join factionname
If you want to create your own faction, it will cost you $200 of ingame money.
You should pick a name to call your group. Once you've decided a name, do
/f create factionname

Building a Base

A base is somewhere to store your items, place your machines and make your own. If you have joined a faction, they may have a base already.
To get to your faction's base, do
/f home
You may wish to build a base for yourself. It is important to keep your base secret, so it does not get raided. Here are some tips:
  • Walk through the RTP portal at spawn (It's just outside). This will teleport you to a random location away from spawn. The furthest it will teleport you from spawn is 4000 blocks. Bases in this area are often found quite quickly, in order to make your bases harder to find, walk further away from spawn. (The world border is 10,000 blocks away from spawn).
  • Hide your base, You may want to put it in a deep valley, or hidden inside a hill, or deep underground.
  • Be careful who you trust, people may ask to teleport to you, they may want to find out where your base is to raid you!
  • Make use of different blocks, Obsidian can be blown up on this server, but it is very resistant. You may want to place these in a way to make it harder for attackers to break into your base.
  • Make sure there aren't any other bases around you, to show all the claimed bases around, you can do
    /f map
It's a good idea to set a home at your base. You can set up to three homes.
To set a home, do
/sethome homeName
To teleport to a home, do
/home homeName
To delete a home you have set, do
/delhome homeName


You can protect your base by claiming it. Nobody outside of your faction and allies can build, or operate things like doors in your claimed territory.
However, enemies of your faction can open chests and blow up your land. The only time when they can't blow up your land is between 30 minutes and 2 days after all members of your faction have logged off.
To claim a piece of land, do
/f claim
a claim will be placed where you are standing, a 16x16 area around you. You can see these chunks by pressing F9 on your keyboard. (You may need to press FN at the same time)
Once you've claimed your base, you may wish to set a faction home which all members of your faction to teleport to, to do this,
/f sethome
Enemies of your faction can also overclaim your land, making it theirs if your faction power is less than the land you have.
To see information, including land, power, diplomatic relations and members
/f f factionname
You can leave out factionname to see information about your own faction.
Each member adds to a factions power, you gain some power just from being online, and lose power when you are killed (except in warzone, for PVP).
So be careful how many times you could die, you don't want other people to be able to claim your base!
Some people leave their bases unclaimed, especially if the bases are underground so that players can't find their base with /f map. This can help to hide the base, but leaves you without protection.
To an invite another user to join your faction, do
/f invite username
You can promote them to member (allowing to break blocks, open chests) with
/f member username
And officer:
/f officer username
To set the diplomatic status with another faction, you can use the following commands (they must confirm it as well)
/f neutral factionname
/f enemy factionname
/f truce factionname
/f ally factionname
You can chat to people in your faction, or your allies by using the following commands.
/f c f
(Talk to your faction)
/f c e
(Talk to your enemies)
/f c a
(Talk to your allies)
/f c t
(Talk to those who you're in truce with)
/f c p
(Return to normal chat)
To see all of the factions commands, do
/f help


There are two currencies on the server, the $ and coins.

Virtual money

To see how much virtual money you have ($), do
You can spend ingame money at the spawn shop, player run shops or by trading with other players.
You can pay another player with
/pay otherplayersusername amount
You can teleport to the player run shops by doing
/warp market
This currency can be earnt through the jobs system, selling items to spawn or selling the item in your hand with /sell.
To sell an item in your hand, first do
This will display the items sell price, if it can be sold. Next do:
And the item will be sold to the server.
Jobs give you money for each block you mine/place/harvest, fishing/killing e.t.c.
To see a list of all the jobs, do
/jobs list
If you want to join one of these jobs, do
/jobs join jobname
You can be in multiple jobs at once. As you perform an action, you will recieve some money, and some experience.
With more experience, you will level up and gain more money for the action.


To exchange virtual money for coins, do
/warp customshop
There will be a sign shops that you can use to purchase iron and gold coins. Note: These coins cannot be converted back to virtual money.
At customshop, you can spend these coins on buying vehicles, ammunition and parts to craft vehicles.

Keys, Kits and Voting

You can vote every day to recieve rewards. Voting also helps the server out by boosting our ranking on server lists.
To vote, Click here!
To claim free kits, do
/kit daily
/kit weekly
These can be claimed daily and weekly, respectively.
Keys earned from these kits can be spent at the customshop.
(/warp customshop)
look for the "bik heretik" and "little heretik" ender dragons. If you right click them, you can trade your keys for custom named weapons and other items.


Flansmod is a mod which adds guns, vehicles, planes and mechas.
To craft vehicles/planes/mechas, you need a vehicle crafting table. You can find one of these at customshop.
To craft guns, you need the gunbox that the gun is in. These are also available at customshop.
You can fire a gun by right clicking, aiming by left clicking and reloading with the "R" key.
Ammunition can also be crafted in these boxes.
To enter a vehicle/plane/mecha, right click it. Then press R, and click the "Fuel" tab, you'll then need to put a fuel can in it.
Once the vehicle is fueled, press the W key to go forward, A nd D to turn. If you're in a plane, you need to pull down with the mouse to take off.

Mechas can be used to mine ores using drills.


Some useful terms:
  • Essentials - The plugin that provides commands like /home, /tpa, /bal and the basic economy
  • Factions - The plugin that provides the /f command, for clans/groups
  • Jobs - The plugin that provides the /jobs command, for earning money by doing certain tasks
  • Mcmmo - A plugin which lets you level up skills like digging, mining e.t.c, giving you extra powers like chopping down trees with one hit.
  • Playertime - A plugin that logs how long players spend online, and gives you a rank corresponding. You can see the ranks at spawn. Ranks can also be bought early.
  • PwnPlantGrowth - Prevents most crops from growing where the sky is not directly visible above them.
  • SilkSpawners - A plugin which allows players to mine spawners with a silk touch pickaxe. You may need staff help to place them, however.
  • InvisRemove - Invisibility potion cannot be brewed normally, it takes a special recipe at the customnpc workbench.
  • Immersive Engineering - Mod which adds machines, pipes, cables for automation.
  • Flansmod - A mod which uses content packs to add vehicles, guns, planes, tanks, mechas and armour to the game. The content packs are listed here:
    • Global Firestorm (GFS) - Adds military tanks, planes and vehicles to the game. Mostly cold war to modern era.
    • Macheteman (mpack) - Adds a lot of guns, from different parts of history.
    • Moneybuster's Pack - Adds armour with different camos.
    • Macheteman Italy - Adds a few Italian guns.
    • British Military Pack (BMP) - Adds British military planes, tanks and guns.
    • Task Force 51 (TF51) - Adds a few modern planes and helicopters.
    • Manus's Modern Warfare Pack - Adds a few modern military vehicles and guns.
    • Manus's WW2 Pack - Adds many WW2 vehicles, tanks and planes.
    • Official Ye Olde - A wooden biplane.
    • Official Modern - Adds modern guns, vehicles, tanks, planes and armour.
    • Official WW2 - Adds WW2 guns, vehicles, tanks, planes and armour.
    • Official DayZ - Adds guns and armour from DayZ.
    • Official Mecha Pack - Adds Mechas and upgrades they can use for mining, fighting and terraforming.
    • Official Simple Parts Pack - Adds parts for crafting. Also adds the blowtorch (right click a vehicle hitbox to repair it).
    • SMP Parts Pack - Adds parts for crafting.
  • CustomNPC - Adds NPCs which we use for traders, also adds decorative blocks which can be crafted using the carpenter's workbench.

Other help

Make sure you read our rules. They are on our Discord server, (invite link at the bottom of the page) in the #rules channel.
To get the rule book ingame, do
/kit rules
There is also a free guide to Immersive Engineering machines, which you can get with
/kit handbook
Finally, there is also a guide to creating your own playershop,
/kit shopguide
Good luck, enjoy your time on our server! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the #reports-requests channel in our Discord, or somebody ingame.

Have questions? Join our Discord server!